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About Me

Hello! and thank you so much for viewing my photography! 


I am Jaspreet of Jaspreetphotography, the man behind the camera. I am married to a very supportive wife ‘Satinder’, and we have two beautiful kids. I absolutely love watching your babies grow and watching your family grow as well. 


I am a self-taught photographer, a creative perfectionist. My artistic skills developed quite early, since childhood I have been fascinated with sketching, painting and calligraphy. My adventure with photography began when I was working as a creative designer in an IT company, and in short time from a hobby developed into a true passion. 

I can make the time and emotions stand still, exactly where you want it to. 


Jaspreet Photography is dedicated to providing the very best photography experience to each and every client. We would love to meet you and discuss how we can work together to create some treasured photographs to capture your family.

Jaspreet Singh,

Jaspreet Singh

WhatsApp: +91 8194955512


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